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On this page is a list of documents that are available to the public. When you click on the document's title you will be brought to a form that you may print out; some forms may be filled out. You may also use the search box above to locate a document.

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Document Name Document Description
Firearms FAQ Firearms Frequently Asked Questions.
Firearms Laws Georgia Firearms Laws
Local Contacts Emanuel County Local Government or Government Related Contacts
Weapons Permit Prohibitors List of information that disqualify you from obtaining a weapons permit.
When a loved one dies When a loved one dies; the do's and do not's.


Document Name Document Description
Adult Asset Mng. Plan Adult Asset Management and Inventory Management Plan.
Annual Return Administrator Annual Return for an Administrator
Annual Return Cons. Excel Annual Return for Conservator - Excel Document
Annual Return Conservator Annual Return for a Conservator
Banking Affidavit Banking, or other Financial Institutions Affidavit.
Fireworks Permit Application Application to file for a Fireworks Permit
Minor Asset Plan Minor Inventory Asset Management Plan.
Peddlers License Application to file for a Peddlers License.
Personal Status Report The purpose of this form is to keep the Court informed as to how the Minor/Ward in your care is doing.
Requirements Weapons Permit Requirements for a Georgia Concealed Weapons Permit
Term. Temp Guardianship Petition to Terminate Temporary Guardianship from the Temporary Guardians
Terminate Guardianship Petition to terminate temporary guardianship.
Will Safe Keeping Document to File a Will for Safe Keeping


Document Name Document Description
Amended Birth Certificate Form to file for an amended birth certificate.
Birth Cert. Translation Birth Certificate Translation
Birth Certificate Request Form Birth Certificate Request Form
Consent to Marry for Minors A parent or guardian may fill out this document to give their child (age 16 or 17) consent to marry.
Current Year Corrections (parents) You may file for a Current Year Corrections if your child is under the age of one year.
Current Years Correction (Mother) Form to file by the mother of a child that is under one year of age for a Current Year's birth certificate Correction.
Death Cert. Request Death Certificate Request Form
Delayed Birth Cert. Instructions Instructions and Requirements to file for a delayed birth certificate.
Delayed Birth Certificate Form Form to apply for a delayed Birth Certificate.
Evidence to Prove ID List of suggested evidence to prove identification in relation to obtaining Birth Certificates..
Instructions for Amending a Birth Cert. Instructions for amending a birth certificate.
Marriage Application Marriage Application Form
Paternity Acknowledgment Paternity Acknowledgment
Photo ID Requirements Photo ID Requirements
Premarital Education Cert. Certification of Premarital Education; will save you $40 on your Marriage Certificate.
Request for Certified Copies Mailable Request for Certified Copies
Requirements Marriage License The Requirements for a Georgia Marriage License